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The Phoenix Sober Living programme combines the flexibility and affordability of our day care programme with supported sober living accommodation.  The core programme consists of 60 hours (minimum) of intensive sessions at our San Pedro clinic. Most clients opt for three hours per day Mon-Fri, over the course of one month. As with any of our programmes this is entirely flexible and can be tailored to meet the individuals need and requirements and we also offer two- & three-month courses.

Using a mixture of lectures, one-to-one and group therapy, our lead addiction specialist Chris Spencer and our Senior Therapist Anita Cragen, will guide you through a carefully designed programme exploring the problem and identifying and addressing the underlying emotional causes.

Running alongside daily sessions at the clinic, clients stay in a comfortable, drug and alcohol-free house, with a sober companion for the entire duration of the course. This includes freshly cooked meals (catering to specific dietary requirements and restrictions), travel to the day care programme and at least four recovery meetings per week.

There are also other recovery enhancing activities available as extras, for example gym membership, days out or language classes, a discussion with your therapist can highlight what may be of interest and benefit to you. This programme is ideal for people travelling from overseas who don’t want the restrictions or expense of a fulltime residential rehabilitation centre.

Individuals suffering from addiction and compulsive disorders often need and crave structure and order. The Phoenix Sober Living programme helps clients to adjust to a normal life in a safe environment, whilst taking their early steps into recovery. This gives them the basis to go on and lead a healthy addiction free life in the future.

Benefits of Sober Living Programme

  • The Phoenix Sober Living programme offers an affordable alternative to residential rehab
  • Treatment includes 60 hours of intensive sessions delivered at our practice
  • Accommodation, food & transport provided for the duration of the course
  • Introduces you to recovery meetings and a support network
  • Sober living atmosphere encourages regular sleep habits and a healthy diet
  • It helps you develop daily practices that will help prevent relapse

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