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- flexible, affordable treatment for your employees

Not all people suffering with an addiction or behavioural problem can take the time out to go into residential treatment. This is especially true for employers who want to see their valued staff member seek help for a problem, but simply can’t afford (financially or physically) to have them out of the office for an extended period. The Phoenix Employee Day Care programme offers a very effective, flexible and affordable solution.

Set in our San Pedro clinic, our day care treatment programme comprises of 60 hours of intensive sessions tailored to meet the employees needs and time constraints. The structure of this programme makes it ideal for employees who can continue with work whilst getting the treatment they need.

With a series of lectures and one-to-one therapy, our lead addiction specialists will guide you through a carefully designed programme exploring the problem and identifying and addressing the underlying emotional causes. At the end of the course the individual client will have the tools and strategies they need to tackle their problem in the future and be able to navigate daily life both in and out of work, clean and sober.

Benefits of Day Care
  • An effective and affordable solution
  • Bespoke programme made to fit your employees needs
  • Treatment comprises 60 hours of intensive sessions
  • Sessions are flexible and tailored to employees work commitments
  • Lectures & one-one therapy takes place at our San Pedro clinic
  • Weekly aftercare programme following completion of initial course

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Day Treatment Programme - Alcohol & Drug Problems, Rehab & Addiction Treatment Centre in Spain

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