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- a continuing journey

Once clients have completed their course of treatment, they will have a completely new outlook and perspective; as well as a toolkit of strategies and coping mechanisms to help them thrive in their new life.

However, re-engaging with the outside world can be a very difficult time for an individual in early recovery. All our therapeutic programmes come with a comprehensive aftercare support service. This is to ensure that clients continue their recovery journey long after their treatment course has ended. Included in the aftercare service is the following

  • Relapse prevention
  • A mentoring programme involving regular telephone/Skype contact with your therapist
  • A recovery plan including how to manage lifestyle changes and work through problems that arise once treatment ends
  • Detailed information on further sources of help and support
  • An 'emergency hotline' providing fast, confidential guidance and support
  • Advice and support for family members/employers

The first month of aftercare support is provided completely free with any of our treatment programmes. Further 'top up' support packages are also available at the end of this period.
The Phoenix Aftercare Programme - Alcohol & Drug Problems, Rehab & Addiction Treatment Centre in Spain
Benefits of Aftercare support
  • improved likelihood of successful recovery (research shows that clients accessing aftercare services are significantly more likely to maintain a healthy recovery)
  • ongoing access to information and guidance
  • help and support in adapting to an alcohol or drug free lifestyle
  • health and nutritional guidance and advice
  • support for families

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